F.A.Q. - frequently asked questions

Museum information

Kaunas, Gedimino str. 48. The museum is located in one of the apartments in the building, on the 3rd floor, in apartment No. 5.
There is no elevator in the building, the only access to the museum on the third floor is through the stairwell.
Yes, the museum has a WC and will be available during the tour.

Registration/visiting of tours

This is the type of tour during which we strive to make sure that guests experience how the people of the city lived in interwar Lithuania, Kaunas. Tour duration ~2 hours. It presents art deco style, inspection facade, visits to an authentic apartment, every room, invites you to sit on authentic furniture, have a drink, tell the stories of the furniture, things and people who lived in the building.
The museum is visited only in the format of experiential tours. The dates and times of these tours are published on the museum's website. Since the number of seats per tour is limited, pre-registration is required within www.artdecomuziejus.lt.
Yes, the date / time of the tour can be changed at least 7 days before the tour. Replacement is possible 1 time. In this case, you need to contact the registracija@artdecomuziejus.lt by e-mail.
You can register a private excursion here: Registration of a private excursion. You can also contact us by e-mail: registracija@artdecomuziejus.lt or by phone +37061885964. The cost of a private excursion starts from 374 euros.
The format of experiential tours is not adapted for the little ones, the age recommendation is 14+. In the near future, we are going to invite you to specialized tours of the Art Deco Museum for children.
We love animals very much, but the format of the tour is not adapted for pets.
So. You can buy art deco museum gift card – Gift card.
  • The gift card is used as a discount code, which is indicated in the basket.
  • The steps of use are clicked here.
  • Upon arrival at the tour, you need to present the tickets received after the payment of the order (on the phone or in the printed version)
    If you have not received a separate letter with tickets after the confirmation of the order, please contact ligita@artdecomuziejus.lt indicating the order number.

    Payment procedure

    Settlement is carried out independently, by bank transfer, according to the payment details received at the time of registration and by e-mail.
    Settlement is carried out independently, by bank transfer, according to the payment details received at the time of registration and by e-mail.
    Invoices shall be issued:
  • For gift cards - after payment;
  • For tickets - after the excursion;
  • If necessary, we issue a pre-invoice, in order to receive it at the time of placing the order, you need to enter the company's details in the field provided for this and put a checkmark on the need for a pro forma invoice.
    Who will pay for the tour - it does not matter, but the purpose of the order must be as indicated in the details of payment.
    There is no possibility to settle on the spot yet. The museum accepts only bank payments/orders.
    Confirmation of orders takes place on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, if after evaluating this you have not received a letter that the order has been fulfilled, please contact - ligita@artdecomuziejus.lt