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Education for schoolchildren

29 vasario 11:00 - 13:00

The Art Deco Museum is a luxury apartment in an interwar apartment block in the centre of Kaunas, established on a private initiative, where all the original interior elements have been restored and an effort has been made to create the most authentic space of an interwar Kaunas resident's home.
The museum tour takes you back to interwar Kaunas in 1929, allowing you to experience the period not just from the side, but from the inside. You can touch and use the museum's exhibits - sit on the original furniture, slice bread with an old-fashioned slicer, or switch on a toaster or even a hairdryer used in interwar Kaunas.
Through the stories in the different rooms of the apartment, the smells, the music playing in the background, the pupils will get to know the cultural heritage of the First Republic of Lithuania and the atmosphere of the time in a different format than the usual. The content of the history lessons in the general curriculum, which students are familiar with at school, will be supplemented with interesting facts about the period, stories of real people and examples of architecture and design, which will allow them to draw Kaunas as a temporary capital in their imagination with much greater precision.
During the tour, students will discuss the lifestyle, habits and fashions of interwar society, as well as the prevailing social problems.

The Art Deco Museum was selected as the Most Successful Tourism Project in Lithuania 2021, and was also awarded the Kaunas Municipality's "Bright Country 2021" prize.

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29 February
11:00 - 13:00
2 hours
Lithuanian language
Age recommendation:


Art Deco Museum
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Art Deco Museum
Gedimino g. 48
Kaunas, Lietuva
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